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Abune Yemata, Gheralta, Lalibela Eco Tours

Abuna Yemata (Gheralta)

The church of Abuna Yemata is hidden in a cave atop a 200m vertical cliff. Such are the churches of Gheralta, carved out of the sides of mountain tops where the priests can reside closer to the heavens and away from the worries of the lands below.

To visit AbunaYemataGuh, walking for about an hour to commence a steep ascent up the side of the Gheralta massif. This steep ascent soon turn into a climb using foot holds and hand holds chipped into the sandstone rock by the passage of many hands and feet. The climb and the walk along very narrow ledges with sheer drops to the side is not one for the faint hearted. The church itself can be reached by walking out on a ledge one meter wide and with a 200m drop to the left hand side.

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