Lalibela Eco Trekking Tours —– is committed to a company-wide socially responsible policy addressing pressing environmental, educational and public health needs in all the regions where we operate. Our focus is on initiatives that offer the opportunity for our clients to become personally involved.

Learn We believe passionately in adventures that both respect the natural environment and benefit indigenous peoples. We are fully committed to corporate social responsibility in our every-day operations and in our travel experiences worldwide.

Travel We offer a delightful combination of luxury travel experiences creatively combined with responsible travel practices. Our experiences include luxury vacations, culinary tours, cultural tours, family vacations, luxury guided tours, shopping tours, romantic vacations, spa vacations and wellness vacations, responsible travel programs, and the best collection of green luxury boutique hotels worldwide – all done responsibly!

Give – We offer a variety of programs and services that are designed specifically for our travellers that want to give back to the destinations they visit. We invite you to lend a hand by support responsible travel. We have partnered with several local non-profit organizations and count on the support of responsible travellers and businesses alike. eMail us at to learn more.

Our Goal – With our commitment to the communities and environments in which we visit, we seek to preserve the regions’ timeless traditions, cultural heritage, and fragile habitats. This is evident throughout our vacation experiences, and paves the way for unforgettable travel experiences. The vast majority of our luxury vacations are led by local guides using local suppliers for transportation, accommodation in environmentally-friendly hotels and local activities.

Our goal is to promote responsible travel and ecotourism, help support sustainable development, educate our travelers and help protect the cultures and environments they visit.