Tour Package Name: Historical Tours
Package Code: LET 007 ET
Duration: 10 days
Category: Historical Tour
Description: flight and Overland trip
visiting the rock hewn churches  

Historical Route – Lalibela


Day 1: Flay to Gonder – Visit Gonder

Flay to Gonder meet your Guide and driver at the airport, Transfer to your Hotel, After short break explore the sites of Gondar, including a visit to the Royal Enclosure, with six castles and several other buildings. Additionally, visit Fasilidass Pool, still used for Timket celebrations today, Ras Gimb Palace Museum and the Debre Birhan Selassie church, with the most famous ceiling in Ethiopia. Overnight in Gondar (hotel).

Day 2: Drive from Gonder to Sankober – Trek 3-4 hur trek around Sankober.

Depart early in the morning from Gondar (7am at the latest), driving to Sankober. We wilgl stop along the way to handle park fees, etc. If you like, we can drop you in or around Buyit Ras for a 3-4 hour hike to Sankober, which passes close to the escarpment edge. Nearing Sankober, you will have beautiful views on both sides of the escarpment ridge and where you will likely see the endemic Gelada baboons. In Sankober, you will be met with your supplies. Overnight camping in Sankober.

Day 3: Trek from Sankober to Geech 5Hur

From Sankober, depart into a valley, through which the Wazla (or Koba) River runs. (This river is often dry). Coming out of the valley you will have views of the Jinbar River waterfalls falling into the Geech Abyss. Continuing along, you will cross the Jinbar River and ascend into the village of Geech. Total trekking time: 4-5 hours

Day 4: TREK Geech to Chenek 8 Hurs

After an early breakfast, depart from Geech to the peak of Imet Gogo at 3926m. Here you’ll have spectacular views over the lowlands – one of the highlights of the trip. As you continue to Chenek, you will pass Korbete Metia, a solid rock wall which opens up exposing beautiful views over the lowlands and the escarpment. This is also a good place for spotting lammergeiers. Overnight camping in Chenek. Total trekking time: 7 – 9 hours

Day 5: Trek to Mount Bwahit Peak – Drive back to Gonder
From Chenek, continue east up a valley to Bwahit Peak, overlooking the camp from where you just came. After the visit, return to Gondar for overnight.

Day 6: Drive from Gonder – Lalibela 8hour
After breakfast, continue east to Lalibela. The four-hour drive will take you through rural villages, offering wonderful insight into the Amhara culture, apart cultural experience, the view trough the northern highland mountains to Ethiopia Is spectacular.
Accommodation at: Top Twelve Hotel

Day 7: The first group of Lalibela Churches
Fly to Lalibela and take the airport shuttle transfer to the Town (40minute)
With our professional tour guide visit the rock hewn churches of Lalibela. Lalibela is most famous for its churches. Visit the 12-13th century Rock hewn churches called the ̎Eighth wonder of the world ̋ which are still active places of worship and host many major religious Ceremonies. The churches are carved out of solid rock, and each has unique architectural features. Take a wander through the tunnels and stairways linking the churches together.
After lunch will drive to the site where we find a concentration of some of Ethiopians most famous Rock Hewn churches, mostly referred by many as ʺthe living wonders of the worldʺ this churches are, they have been here for at list 900 years, an active christen shrine, the spiritual centre of the counters religious life. The monolithic churches where carved out of 2600-sq natural rock terrace in the twelve century AD by king lalibela.
Bete Medhanialem, the largest monolithic Rock hewn churches of the world, Magers 37.7 ft in Height, covers an area of almost 2625 Square ft and has walls that are up to 6 feet thick. A plain building supported by 36 pillars on the inside and anther 38 pillars around the outside. Bête Medhanialem modeled on the original st. Merry zion church build by king Ezana in 4th century at axum.
The Rock hewn churchs that we will visit today before lunch will be the first group of churches included: Bete Medhanialem, Bete Mariam, Bete Meskel, BeteDenagl and Bete Gologota Michal .
Accommodation at: Top Twelve Hotel

Day 8: The 2nd second and 3rd group Churches of lalibela
After Having breakfast we will continue our journey in To Ethiopians long and marvellous past with a visit to other sent Lalibela Remarkable churches. There architecture and artistry must be seen to be believed.
The Rock Hewn Churches that we will visit this afternoon the second group of churches and St, Gorge it included: Bete Gebral, Bete Merquros, Bete Emanule, Betelehiam , Bete Aba Libanos and Bete Ghiorgis .
Once we finished visiting the second group of churches and we will walk to the village so the complex bewildering labyrinth of underground Tunnels to the monastery where the monks and nuns live.
At the end of the tour, there will be Ethiopian Traditional coffee ceremony for you prepared at local House. Those who can’t face there day without a cup of coffee maybe surprise to know that in Its birth place in Ethiopia caffa Region from which it gets its name the Berries where originally only eaten. Never roosted and Ground for a drink. Only since the 13th century. Coffee has been mad a hot drink. Holding a coffee ceremony is a traditional Ethiopian way of welcoming a gust and Giving the Gust the best Hospitality. It is probably only one of the most celebrated Ethiopian Tradition, and a life style in which most Ethiopians can identify themselves with.

Day 9: Asheten marim monastery & yimrhanne kirstos
After early Breakfast trek to visit the monastery church of Asheten Maryam (3150m). Ashten mariam monastery located 2:00hur walk from Lalibela, enjoy the spectacular view starting you left the town, Asheten mariam was the first church of king lalibela but Lalibela he didn’t finished the church it was completed by his nephew and successor king Nakutelab. The church has ancient sculptures. After you visit the church walk to the near hill to enjoy the panoramic view of the area and in another direction return lalibela.
After Lunch: with 4×4 Drive to YemrehaneKirstos(2hur) visit the marble churches called Yimrhannekirstos, which predates the Lalibela churches and was built using a completely different style of construction involving marble and wood. The church is built inside a cave. Pass through different villages and learn about local crops on different plateaus, specular view till your reach the church. return to Lalibela let in the afternoon for a nice dinner at ben abeba restaurant.
Day 10: flay back to addis abeba