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Where to sleep and eat?

The community of lalibela and its surrounding are built their shelter or home from wood, grass and stone. The home is processed in a way that firstly, the soil and the water combined for three days then the wood attached to the mud. The style of the construction is circle round or Tukul and the area are determined by the owner interest and his or her ability to build. Most of the time the exterior part of their home is not covered by mud because of rain and the interior part can be divided into three or more classes and have ground. The ground one is for animal and some part of the upper classes for hen and other small animals that are born newly. The main class is left for bed room and kitchen.

Most of the people at the High Land they have two rooms one for the family and cattle and the other one is for the new Gusts and it is ready when new Gust comes.

Mostly Lalibela Eco Trekking clients stayed at privet local Tukul huts, The tukuls are similarly farmed like The local Houses, internally we use Mattress and sleeping bag, the house have fire place inside, you enjoy the fire before you go bed, But if you wish to stay at camp? Tents are available for those who want to sleep outdoor, but it will be depends on the weather if it is too windy or very cold we advise you to stay inside House.

There is no doubt that Ethiopia has different kinds of food habit in respect to many nation and nationalities, but the popular one is Enjera with different wot. Our professional cook will prepared different verity of meals depends on your interest, but if you are Vegetarian it would be great if you informed us before you live as we want you to have lots of options for Meal.