DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 1 hours before the Departure.
Airfare Accommodations
Local transportation Professional instructor
Ski equipment
Instructor gratuity


Trek from Lalibela to Ber Metebekiya 6, Hur 


Day 1: Departure

After early Breakfast trek from Lalibela to Ber Metebekiya  (3600m altitude, which gives you more outstanding panoramic views of the area. The BerMetebekia positioned and take in 360 degree views over the surrounding countryside.

The trekking from lalibela to BerMetebekiya is not an easy comparing to your 2nd or 3rd day but the view starting 5 minute you left the city is spectacular, you will pass through few villages and farms. This will be your first day to know how local community live in the mountains.

On your the way to wadebye you will take a short break for snack at Merebarbu (3300m). here we can embark to see swarm Group of Gelada baboons (endemic to Ethiopia) and other mammals, don’t wary if there is no Gelada at the time of your brake because we will see them again at mount abune Yousef Community conservation park.

After having your lunch and short brake You can walk to one of the villages close to the wedebye and learn about the life of the local people including farming practices, cattle rearing and local traditions or walk to the children’s school to teach any subject you would like. Spend the remind of the afternoon enjoying the silence of Bermetebekiya and overlooking the sunset.

At night gather around the fire not only for the cold but the local people have a lovely tradition to welcome their Gusts by washing gusts feet, of course some of our client call it (foot massage). It is common for the people in the mountain when new Gust arrive their house first they will give them food, then wash gusts feet and leave their bed for gusts, (of curse now they will not leave their bed for you because they have prepared privet Tukul Hut for you)

After your diner locals will present a lovely typical traditional dance of the Highland Tribes, you can enjoy the muisc till your time to bed. Lalibela Eco Trekking Tours Guides will give you brief about next day program & options.

Accommodation at: Privet Home stay at Ber Metebekiya


Day 2:

Trek from Ber Metebekiya  to Dewalka Village 5,Hur

Trek to DewalkaVillage , Pass through different villages and learn about local crops on different plateaus as you climb up, specular view till your reach Dewalka, where you will have overnight for the next day trek to Abune Yousef Park.

In the afternoon Depend on your interest you can walk around the village to see locals life, Also you are very welcome to join the daily activities of  locals: you can learn how to milk a cow, how to prepare and bake Injera(Ethiopian Traditional meal), you can help the farmers harvesting, visit the local school-you even can teach them- or you run out with the youngsters helping them to herd the animals. If we know wedding ceremony or any Traditional ceremony happen on the day you arrive  Lalibela Eco Trekking tours Guide  will let you know in advance if you are interesting to attend and what you should do at the visit.

Accommodation at: private Home stay at Dewalka Village


Day 3:

 Excursion to Abune Yousef (full Day)

After having breakfast trek to the 3rd Highest peak in Ethiopia Called Rim Gedel (4300m) inside  Abune yousef  park, you will enjoy the spectacular view of abune yousef park and different fauna and flora, visit swarm of Ghelada baboons, read fox, plenty of Birds and lots of Fauna and flora of the area…

With picnic you will spend most of your day inside abune yousaf and trek  till the last point the peak Of Rim Gedel.  Sepend most of your day at the park and return back to dewalka Village for overnight.

Accommodation at: Dewalka Village


Day 4:

Trek from Dewalka Village To Degosach Eco lodge 6,Hur

After picnic lunch, you will have an easy Trek to the beautiful newly Built Eco Lodge Named Degosach Eco Lodge & farm.  This is a special trek via the most view point of a chain mountains of  Sekota.

You will have free time at the lodge and preparing yourself for the second day trek long trek. Have your diner under the star and moon, enjoy the night with the local communities traditional dance.

Accommodation at: Degosach eco Lodge


Day 5:

Trek from Degosach Eco Lodge to Lalibela, Via Kenkenit Mikael & Bete Ambesa Village 6,Hur

After morning breakfast with beautiful sunrise, you will trek back to Lalibela

Trek to one of the ancient Church and non-visited by tourist, this church is 500Years older than Lalibela churches.

The historic church is encircled by Juniper Trees. The weather on this mountain ridge where the monastery is located is very cold during Ethiopian Winter (wet season) and cold nights during the Ethiopian Dry season.This particular rock hewn church was carved out of solid rock during the period of Axumite Period emperor GirmaAsferie (666E.C.) and Bishop Aba Mussie, Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church had been the one in charge to have carved this rock hewn church.

Some of the wall carvings and effigies of Arch Angels and crosses carved on the walls. These carvings resemble to the ones that are seen on the walls of Bete Golgotha and bête Mariam rock hewn churches in Lalibela.Thisparticular monastery church is believed to have housed abundant number of ancient parchments and other ancient treasures according to our sources from the monastery’s scholars and elders of the area. There is annual Festival on November 12 (Ethiopian Date) and on June 12 (Ethiopian Date) as religious and commemoration festivals.

After visiting the church, countnuie the trek to bete Ambesa  village beteambesa mine (House of lion) this is a beautiful valley area with 3 rivers and   many village table, fruit & coffee farms. You can visit one of farm to tray Ethiopian coffee. Then continue the trek to Lalibela one hour.

*End of Tour*

Costing and conditions

Price $50/per Person/Per Day 

Included in this extension tour:

  • All food during the duration of trek
  • A night’s accommodation in a local village
  • An accompanying donkey/mule for your luggage with porter
  • An English-speaking Guide throughout the trek
  • A personal cook
  • Unlimited water
  • Sleeping bags, mattress, blanket, etc.
  • A coffee ceremony and local dancing
  • Any entrance fees and all experiences with the local communities

Not included in this extension tour:

  • Accommodation in Lalibela before and after the trek
  • Any tips that you may wish to offer
  • Anything not mentioned above!

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