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Community Based Trekking around Lalibela

Trekking in Lalibela  Experience the ‘Real Ethiopia’

In Ethiopia there are 25 mountain peaks, rising to an altitude of more than 4000 meters, allowing the country to earn the nick name of the roof the roof of Africa, and ensuring spectacular sensory of the visitor.

Our trekking rout to the high Land mountains of lalibela are very unique and we use trails Local peoples. As we receive small group of Gusts you will have a direct contact with Local people and real experience of local’s cultures.  After a minute you left the town of lalibela you will welcome by Lasta mountains, Ethiopia is a varied and diverse country, with at its core an age-old culture of farmers, who have been ploughing their fields with ox-drawn ploughs for a few thousand years. Their life is intrinsically linked to the agricultural seasons and the ancient Ethiopian Orthodox calendar with its saints’ days and festivals punctuating their life.

Local communities near Lalibela invite you to accept their hospitality trek through their age-old lands. Set in the dramatic landscape of the highlands of northern Ethiopia, with basalt cliffs, Gelada Baboon and birds of prey soaring on the thermals, your visit in Lasta mountains around Lalibela will be the highlight of your trip to Ethiopia. You will stay in basic but comfortable local cottages (tukuls) designed using local materials, set on the edge of the communities’ villages. Food will be prepared by your personal cook to suit western tastes, along with a traditional coffee ceremony. Donkeys will carry your luggage as you trek with our trained local guide from one village to the next along escarpments and through church yards of ancient trees.

Abune Yousef community conservation area 4,300m (3rd Highest Peak in Ethiopia)

The third highest peak in Ethiopia, Abune Yousef Massif offers visitors stunning views and wildlife viewing opportunities. During the treks and around Abune Yousef, visitors can see an impressive array of flora and fauna including giant Lobelia, troops of Gelada baboons, and the rare Ethiopian wolf. Located north of Lalibela, the Afromontane environment offers a perfect complement to the cultural and historical experience of the Lalibela rock-hewn churches. Treks in Abune Yousef bring visitors to over 4,300 meters and are not for the faint of heart. However, those that make the climb find the views and experience well worth it. Visit our itineray page to arrange how many days to spend at mount Abune Yousef.

Flora: While many  of the high plains has been converted into farmland over the past 50 years the slopes of the mountain ranges are still covered by natural forest, changing composition with altitude, the unique Afromontane vegetation formations are the main attraction of the area. The Abune Yoseph area is made up of diverse vegetation types included bush land, woodlands, mountain dray forests, and afroalpine grassland.


Mammals: There are 43 known species of mammals on the Abune Youseph Massif. Of the 32 species of Abyssinian endemic mammals (endemic to Ethiopia and Eritrea) seven can be found in Abune Yousef. The most spectacular of these are the Ethiopian wolf and the Gelada baboon. Other species to look out for include the Golden Jakel, Hayna, Caracal, Leopard, Rock Hyrax, Duiker, Klipspringer and Starck Hare.

 Birds: Of the 860 species of birds found in Ethiopia, over 220 have been identified on the Abune Yosef Massif. The Abune Yousef area is one of the most important bird areas in the country. The Abune Yousef mountains also attract a few pairs of Golden Eagles.


Our price is reasonable, as we do community based trekking 70% of the money goes directly to the community.

Our rate:  50 USD/per person/per day

Price includes:

  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Accommodation
  • Donkey for the bags
  • Porter
  • English speaking Guide for the trek
  • Personal cook
  • Unlimited water
  • Sleeping bags, mattress & blankets
  • Entrance fees
  • Any experience with Local communities

Tailoring Your Trip



Tours start at Lalibela, Lalibela located (2,600m).

You are free to walk or ride a mule through the scenic,

Our own privet campsites, Home stay & Eco Lodges are situated at an altitude between 3,300 and 4,000m.



Each camp is located between 15 and 25km from each other and can be reached between 5-8 hours. This allows you to spend every night in a different campsite. If you do not have time for all campsites, the itinerary from our website will help you to select the ones you prefer. It is also possible to reach some of the campsites by car.

Such short trekking is designed to help you prepare for the upcoming days and will also assist you with acclimatization.


Tour END 6:00 PM Local time

What makes our Trekking Different?      

  • We follow locals trail
  •  Our routes are  unique which  is not used by other trekkers
  •  We have several trekking options from one day – 12 days
  •  Every trek we offer is privet
  •  several NON touristy villages and trekking routes are available
  •  We have a routes never tried before
  • We consider to include any special activates if it is happen during your trek… special events, traditional and religious celebrations, local market, wedding…etc.
  •  Reasonable rate,  our starting rate is $50/per person/per day (all inclusive)
  • plenty of options for day trip around lalibela, walking, driving and village visit around lalibela.

 Short Hiking in Lalibela

For those visitors who are inexperience in walking up and down on hills and who have little time to experience the high mountains of Majestic High Lands and Ethiopian culture they can choose these short and easy hiking trips. We have compiled a list of opportunities for short easy hiking trip and walking tours around Lalibela. Here is not much difference between Hiking and Trekking in Ethiopia. Hiking is an initial part of trekking and relatively easier that still involve up and down on rural hilly areas below 2600 meters but offers glimpse of High Mountains views, while trekking takes you through the low land village to high Mountain pass up to almost 3300 meters. Contact us for some hiking trips that we have not described in this page, but all are suited for all age people especially for the family groups and novices. With this trip you will have experience of the local culture and living style.

 Horse ride in Lalibela

Enjoy the panoramic view of Lasta mountain surrounding lalibela see the ancient world ancient monasteries and experience the real Ethiopia, see their culture, learn how they prepared their meals and how thy farm with old way.

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