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We had a fantastic time hiking in the Simien Mountains and in the highlands around Lalibela. Staying in the Degosach Eco Lodge was a highlight, with local villagers joining us for a dinner and foot washing (which they told us was based on ancient tradition going back to earliest Christianity in Palestine; see Gospel of John 13). Experiencing Timkat in Gonder was one of the most profound travel experiences of

My friend and I did a 24 day- round trip to Addis Abeba, Bahir Dar, Gondar, Simien Mountains, Lalibela, Awash and Harar. It was all organized by Molla of Lalibela Eco Trekking Tours. Every single day was a special experience only to be had in Ethiopia. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously – people in markets and villages, diverse landscapes, World Cultural Heritage, World Natural Heritage, religious practices, food,… We had booked

Ashenda/Ashendye/ solel/ is name of a tall grass that is used to add to the aesthetics of the gowns adorned by the beauties during the festival. Every girl wears a ‘tilfi’, a cotton dress embellished with embroidery right from the neckline to the hem of the dress. The girls wear braided styles that have been in existence through the years. They also add more jewelry together with the Ashenda grass to their

Lalibela prepares to observe the “Ring of Fire”. This year, the annular eclipse, where the moon almost fully covers the sun, leaving a bright ring of fire in the dark sky will be celebrated on June 21, 2020 in the town of Lalibela, Ethiopia. The day will be marked in the historic town of Lalibela as it is expected to be one of the places in the world that the

We spent 2,5 days in Lalibela for chearch visitis and Lalibella and hiking to the top of Abuna Yosef (upto 4000 meter!). Lalibela Eco Trekking made a great program adapted to our needs and limited time schedule, and we had an excellent guide (Abeshi). After half a day chruch visit, we hiked to the Huded eco-lodge an absolute must and great start for the hiking routes), and next day early

Did a 2 days tour with one night in the mountain lodge. As the rating states: straight forward 5 stars. The hike, although slightly challenging due to hights (went with my mother), is just jaw-dropping beautiful and diverse, from deserty hills to green highlands and golden crop fields. The huts in the mountains are clean and comfortable, plenty of warm sheets, milky way night skies, the guys up there full

We used lalibela Eco Trekking Tours for our 10 day Hiking, nature and culture trip to Ethiopia, Lalibela and Tigrey. We were very statisfied with the service and communication we had with Molla Kossaw from lalibela eco trekking tours. We had Kassahun as our guide for 5 days in the mountains around lalibela and we were very statisfied. In the mountains around lalibela, the nature was beautiful, the hiking very

Want to go on a trek but need a companion? We have been thinking about linking solo trekkers who wish to have another person/people to join them to share costs, and be a companion on the trek. On this post we will note down solo trekkers who are looking for others to join them.

Ethiopia successfully hosted the eleventh session of the UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, that took place in Addis Ababa from 28 November to 2 December 2016. Out of 37 nominations, the Committee inscribed 33 new elements on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Ethiopia’s Gada system, an indigenous democratic socio-political system used by the Oromo people, has been inscribed and becomes the third intangible

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