Category: Cultural Attractions

TribeThe Mursi are a nomadic cattle herder ethnic group located in the Debub Omo Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region in Ethiopia, close to the Sudanese border. According to the 2007 national census, there number is estimated 7,500.   The Mursi people are the most popular in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley.  They are well known for their unique lip plates.  They are settled around the Omo River and

Suri or Surma TribeSuri, also known as the Surma people live in the southwestern plains of Ethiopia.  They raise cattle and farm when the land is fertile.  Cattle are important to the Suri, giving them status.  The more cattle a tribesman has, the wealthier they are. In order for a man to marry a woman in the Suri tribe, he must own at least 60 cattle.  Cattle are given to

Tsemay TribeAlso spelled Tsamai, they are found living in the semi-arid region of the Omo Valley.  These people are agro-pastoralist and use both livestock herding and agriculture to survive.  Common crops grown by the tribe are sorghum, millet and of course cotton plantation by irrigating the Weyto River. Like the Hamer tribe, the Tsemay boys have to successfully complete a bull jumping event.  This is a ceremony where the boy