Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa was founded in 1886 by Emperor Menelik II who moved his capital city from Ankober (a town 175 km. to the northeast) to the top of the Entoto Mountains. Addis Ababa – the “new flower”, was later set at the foot of the Entoto Mountains. It is centrally located within Ethiopia as a capital city.

The altitude of Addis varies from 3200m at the top of Entoto to 2200m at the foot of the city. The temperature ranges from 14 deg. to 18 deg.(57 deg. to 65 deg. Fahrenheit). 80% of the yearly rainfall occurs between mid-June and October during the big rains season.
Despite its proximity to the Equator, the lofty altitude of the world’s third-highest capital enjoys a mild Afro-alpine climate.

As a city surrounded by a chain of mountains and covered by eucalyptus trees it is a natural amphitheater with its unique fascination.
Addis Ababa is a cosmopolitan city serving as a seat of many international organizations like the AU, ECA etc. It is Africa’s diplomatic capital where politicians, businessmen and visitors mingle.

There is a very wide choice of merchandise to suit the taste of any visitor. The city has also international standard first class hotels with thermal bath and cozy restaurants that serve spicy and delicious Ethiopian dishes, and drinks, and wines of international repute. Addis Ababa, besides being the startling and ending point for all the various trips, has a number of historical, cultural and archeological attractions of its own.

There is a half day, a full day and a one-day excursion trips from Addis. These trips are usually conducted at the beginning or end of a major trip. These trips are also ideal for Conference Tourists that just have couple of days before, between or after meetings

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